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Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Good Psychopath’?

Don’t we already have enough psychopaths in the world? we ask Kevin. By encouraging people to get in touch with their inner psychopath, aren’t you removing guilt and shame and conscience from the equation? Won’t that be deleterious to society? Find the…

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Andy McNab CNN Interview

Andy & Kevin Interviewed on CNN

Former British SAS soldier Andy McNab reveals how being a psychopath can help us in work, life and love. Watch Andy’s interview here… In my line of work, I have found where I am on the psychopathic scale has been…

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Psychopath Night

Channel 4’s Psychopath Night

Andy McNab and Kevin Dutton recently appeared in Channel 4’s Psychopath Night. Over 2 million people have taken the psychopath test on the Channel 4 website since the programme was aired. You can join them and find your place on…

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Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show

You can hear Andy McNab and Kevin Dutton talk about The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success on Graham Norton’s Radio 2 show on Saturday 7th June.

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The Sun

I’m a psychopath…

EX-SAS man’s guide to success. The word psychopath conjures up images of killers such as Hannibal Lecter – but many attributes of psychopaths can IMPROVE your life when channelled correctly.

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Mads Mikkelsen as Dr Hannibal Lecter

Why psychopaths are more successful

A recent article from The Telegraph. Behaving like a psychopath could help you in your career and love life. It’s counterintuitive – who, after all, would hire Hannibal Lecter or want to date Norman Bates – but that’s the idea behind…

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Fox News

Fox News Review

Thanks to Fox News and comedian Tom Shillue for their review of The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success.

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How to become a black belt at getting your own way

Daily Mail Serialisation – Part 3

How to become a black belt at getting your own way… Concluding our compelling series by SAS hero Andy McNab and Psychopath Expert Kevin Dutton. Read more… 

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How YOU can get the killer instinct

Daily Mail Serialisation – Part 2

How YOU can get the killer instinct: Crave success? You’ve got to be as ruthless as an assassin, says SAS hero Andy McNab as he explains how to think more like a psychopath with the help of Dr. Kevin Dutton….

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Robert Crampton and Andy McNab

I would like to be a psychopath

Science has proved that former SAS soldier is a stone-cold psycho. The Times’ Robert Crampton gets wired up and takes the same test. Read the article and watch the video online. Being labelled a psychopath is not, surely, a status…

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